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Session Cost $300

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Our Commitment to YOU 

We have helped thousands of Smokers to become Non Smokers since 2010.
We are so confident about what we do that we back up our Stop Smoking Sessions.

If you start smoking cigarettes, within 3 months of your first session, we will do a follow up session at no charge to help you quit cigarettes. We help over 400 people each year to become non-smokers and less than 10 percent come back within the 3 month period.

Read what some of our clients have to say

After 3 months 

If you ever require a further session after 3 months of your initial session we will never charge you full price,  there will be a $190 charge for each session (current as of 2019, but subject to change).

NB: The success of hypnosis therapy depends greatly on the client’s ability to relax and their desire to create change in themselves. Results of a client’s sessions depend greatly upon their own serious participation, and as much as we are known for our results

However we de EVERYTHING reasonably within our power to ensure each client’s success.

Ann-Marie_Stop_smoking Specialist since 2010

Ann-Marie Johansen Owner, The Gold Coast Stop Smoking Clinic &  Hypnotherapist

“I help over 400 people each year to stop smoking. DO YOU WANT TO BE NEXT?              

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What does it Cost?
The cost of the treatment is:- $300

Please note treatments are always done one on one – never in a group

Does it Work?
Yes, for a lot of our clients! Read some of our Testimonials to see what clients say!
However we are talking about smoking here so nothing is 100%, anyone who says otherwise is lying to you.
The truth is we don’t exactly know what our success rate is for permanent smoking cessation. To do so would require contacting every person ever treated since 2010 on a regular basis to check up on them.
The best evidence we can provide for the success of the treatment is the committment  that is offered to every client.
We spend considerable time at the end of each treatment explaining that stopping smoking is difficult and that occasionally,some people may need a second treatment.
We are happy to provide that extra treatment at no cost.
Less than 10% of people we treat come back for a second treatment
We don’t for a minute claim that our success rate for permanent smoking cessation is 90% but we feel the stats indicate that many, many people get a lasting result from our treatment.
“In 30 years of treating smokers I have never seen a better treatment to permanently break the habit”, Peter (Founder of The Gold Coast Stop Smoking Clinic).

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