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About Our Stop Smoking Program

The Gold Coast Stop Smoking Clinic, established 2010, is a clinic set up with the sole purpose of helping reluctant smokers to become committed non-smokers who never think about cigarettes again, rather than just ex smokers who always struggle to avoid the habit. We work with over 400 smokers per year.

We are fully qualified, insured and members of The International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

Member of IICT

Appointments are available Mon – Sat


In our extensive experience we have never found a more effective technique to quit forever than our “Quit Smoking in 2 Hours” program. This high rate of success allows us to offer you the commitment that we do…if you start smoking again within 3 months of your session or require a second session, you will receive a free session.

Ann-Marie_Stop_smoking Specialist

Ann-Marie Johansen, B.Bus, NLP Cert, Cert Hypnotherapist, J.P(Qual)

Ann-Marie is the owner of both The Gold Coast Stop Smoking Clinic and The Brisbane Stop Smoking Clinic. She has helped countless people become non-smokers for life.

After losing a parent and a grand parent to lung cancer, due to smoking, and a former smoker herself Ann-Marie certainly understands the incredible strong drive that smokers have to satisfy that need to smoke.

Ann-Marie’s policy of no judgement and individual attention to solve your problem makes her a success at what she does. She has worked with all sorts of people; pregnant women, FIFO’s, professionals, tradespeople, sports people and some of the heaviest smokers that exist.

Through her training and own smoking experience Ann-Marie uses a gentle hand to discuss the illogical things that smokers do to satifsy the drive to smoke and uses a blend of Hypnosis (traditional & conversational), NLP and reframing to turn you into a Non Smoker…

Oh Yes, and she became a Non-Smoker by being hypnotised, over a decade ago.

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