Is Hypnosis Right For Me?

October 16, 2017

Author | Ann-Marie Johansen, Owner of The Gold Coast Stop Smoking Clinic & The Brisbane Stop Smoking Clinic

“Many of my clients first wondered, “is hypnosis right for me?” . You’ve heard it helps, perhaps you even know someone that has been successful after seeing me.”

“You may know that hypnosis is highly successful in helping people stop smoking and you may even know that hypnosis is a natural and comfortable process but still a little unsure.  (which is completely normal to feel this way….We talk in-depth about this in our session)”

“My clients tell me that Hypnosis makes quitting easier than going cold turkey (i.e.: no withdrawals) or other methods they have tired.  Read what some of my clients say HERE.

“This is an excellent place to be to discover the answer for your self,  here is a quick checklist to help you decide if you’re ready to take the next step.  Take a few moments to answer the questions for yourself.”


Hypnosis Quiz

1) Are you quitting smoking for yourself?

2) Do you feel you are ready to quit?

3) Are you looking forward to a smoke free life?

4) Are you sick and tired of smoking?

5) Are you committed to stopping?

6) Are you ready to take the steps needed to reclaim your freedom and health?

7) Are you willing to step outside of the box and try something new?

8) Have you ever been curious about hypnosis and what it can do for you?

9) Are you excited for your life after smoking?

If you have answered yes to all or most of these questions you are in just the right place to take that next step into your  future.  

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Your Quit Smoking Fears Debunked

Dreading the weight gain, bad mood, or chance of failure? Think again.

Consciously every smoker knows that they should quit smoking for their health’s sake. So what’s holding you back?

Maybe you’re afraid of the weight gain, that it will wreck your mood, or that it just won’t work. But what if that wasn’t necessarily so?

It’s time to lay your quit-smoking fears to rest once and for all as  some of those fears aren’t what they’re cracked up to be, and why none of them should keep you from quitting.

Fear: I’ll Gain Too Much Weight

Many people worry about gaining weight when they quit smoking. But not everybody who quits gains weight!

Avoid putting on weight??SMLXL


There are some physiological effects that cause people to crave carbohydrates when they quit smoking, so its important to be aware of what you are eating, its also important to tell us if you are concerned about weight gains. Stash only healthy snacks and replace empty-calorie carbs for healthier treats like peanut butter, sultanas or an apple or a little bit (liiiittttle)  of cheddar cheese with crackers.
If you’re still concerned, take steps to thwart weight gain by keeping your exercise routine up or launching an exerciseprogram.

Fear: My Social Life Will Tank



SINGLE? If you glance at online dating profiles, people almost exclusively prefer nonsmokers. You’ll rarely spot “Looking for a smoker” among the listed entries. In fact, quitting may actually improve your dating life as approximately 90% of people in Australia are non-smokers and your hair, skin, clothes, and car will smell better.


When you visit a restaurant, party, or social event where smoking isn’t allowed, you may end up huddled outside as an outcast, a little bit like the current Quit Smoking Campaign, with the appropriate song of “All by myself”.

The bottom line: It’s more difficult to find places you can smoke during most social activititie, and it’s getting harder to find other people who smoke, so quitting may actually be a boom to your social life in the long run. So another tick for giving up smoking

Fear: The Damage Is Already Done

It’s never too late to quit smoking. The benefits start within hours of your last cigarette and they continue for years down the road.

For example, quitting smoking today reduces your risk of heart attack starting tomorrow — and by the first year your risk is cut in half. It’s a lame excuse to say you’ve smoked too long, you already did the damage, or you have to die from something,

If you continue to smoke, Steinberg says, your risk of dying from lung cancer over your lifetime increases. The results are similar across the board with many diseases.

In fact, people who quit have fewer complications from their medical problems, have fewer additional medical problems, and their response to treatment for medical problems improves if they’re not smoking.

Obviously,the earlier you quit the better off you are. But it’s never too late. Even if you’ve already been smoking for 40 years,

More people have quit than continue to smoke.

For more information about the benefits of quitting smoking click here for “Reasons to quit smoking – QLD Govt

Fear: I’ll Fail

No one likes to fail.

If you’ve tried quitting several times in the past, seek a different method.



People who quit on their own have a less than 5% success rate.

My belief is that two things can assist a successful quit attempt. One is a desire to quit for yourself — not for your spouse, your job, or anyone else. The second is confidence in your ability to succeed. If you couple those two things, you boost your odds of success.

Once you’re ready and you have the desire and confidence, give us a call on 1300 720 988

What Is Smoking Costing YOU!!!

AUTHOR: Ann-Marie Johansen, Owner of The Gold Coast Stop Smoking Clinic & The Brisbane Stop Smoking Clinic
In 2016, I saw over 300 smokers.
I asked  each client how many cigarettes that they smoke.  Now,  that number ranged from 5 per day to 60 per day.
Out of all the people I saw in 2016 the average smoker smoked 25 per day, so lets call it a packet a day.
At the time of writing this (March, 2017) the average packet of cigarettes cost $25, so that’s $175 per week! (some people pay less, some people pay more)
So based on these figures the average smoker spends approximately $9,100 per year, every year….and rising.
Homer Smoking

In May 2016 the federal government announced that it will increase the tobacco excise by 12.5 per cent a year for the next four years.

The plan will cause the price of a packet of 25 cigarettes to rise to about $40, which will then cost the average smoker $480 per week, which equates to a hefty $14,560 per year!!!!

The current cost of The Gold Stop Smoking Clinic Stop Smoking Session  (as at March 2017) is  $290.
So the average smoker I see at our Stop Smoking Clinics is spending $25 per day on smoking … breaks even of our $290 session cost after just 12 days, then the rest is pure profit!
It’s like an annual pay rise (After tax) of over $9,000 per year, every year when a pack a day smoker gives up.
In saying all of that, our experience shows us that money is not the best motivator to give up. Sure it is one motivator, but if you are considering stopping smoking by coming to see us I’d like you to think about “How will your life improve by stopping smoking?
When your ready, give us a call 1300 720 988


Why The Specialist Hypnotherapist May Be More Effective Than The Generalist

Author: Ann-Marie Johansen, Owner of The Gold Coast Stop Smoking Clinic & The Brisbane Stop Smoking Clinic
If you had a shoulder injury that required surgery and you had a choice of surgery from either a specialist or from a generalist surgeon, who would you go for? I am certain that the overwhelming majority would choose the specialist.

The specialist is the ‘expert’ who brings a unique focus to that condition alone, compared to a generalist who of course may sometimes treat it, however most of the time does not.

The same can be applied to the world of Hypnotherapy. With a marketplace that is loaded with Hypnotherapists (many of which simply do relaxation therapy), I recommend you seek out the very best, whether its stopping smoking, anxiety, eating disorders or other problems.

Lets take the scenario where you are struggling stopping smoking. You will find a large number of generalist Hypnotherapists that claim to work in this area as well as other areas. It is highly probable that the specialist will offer you a deeper understanding of your condition, an experience that is more aligned to your specific needs, and a stronger history of delivering the result you want to achieve.

The market in Australia is now saturated with Hypnotherapists and it is therefore advisable you take your time looking for the very best and in doing so I urge you to explore the specialist route.

We have been assisting people on The Gold Coast and in Brisbane to stop smoking since 2010. We are trained to deal with other areas, but we don’t. We specialise in helping people that want to become non-smokers to stop smoking.

You can book an appointment to stop smoking  by calling 1300 720 988

Benefits of you working with a Specialist Hypnotherapist include:

The specialist is likely to bring a wealth of experience in treating your condition/problem. Your condition is all they are interested in so a deeper connection with you is probably more likely.

Hypnosis Specialist

It is less likely that a general Hypnotherapist will be in a position to share a good deal of evidence of their individual success in treating your specific problem. Yes, a generalist may spout theory about your particular issue, however you need to see hard evidence of the clients they have treated with your specific condition.

Specialists are much more likely to be enthused about you, your problem/condition, and the result you desire, because your condition is all they are interested in working with. What you don’t want to experience is a Hypnotherapist that has only a limited understanding of you and your condition. Yes, there are generalists that will bring a reasonable understanding, however the specialist is probably going to deliver more of what you expect.

Specialists are typically not cheap, however you may be more likely to get the result that you are looking for. Our prices are not expensive and we find at $290 (as at March 2017) that the average pack a day smoker has recouped this cost within a 2 week period. A small price to pay for an improvement in your health and finances.

Hypnosis vs Meditation – Same..Same..But Different

I get asked this a lot! Is Hypnosis like meditation?

Meditation is much more passive in its effectiveness compared to Hypnosis which is more targeted and active in the benefits it can provide you, the client.

Sometimes I feel like I would like to change the word Hyponosis or at minimum educate people in what it really is…Thanks to mainstream media for making people think that Hypnotherapists can make you cluck like a chicken!!!

The main difference between Hypnosis & Meditation is that Hypnosis is Meditation with the addition of Suggestions. Ie: You hate smoking…You love being a non-smoker.

Both Meditation and Hypnosis are deeply relaxed states.

Read more about Hypnosis here

Quitting Smoking? Myths Busted

AUTHOR Ann-Marie Johansen,
Owner of The Gold Coast Stop Smoking Clinic & The Brisbane Stop Smoking Clinic

MYTH: ‘Quitting smoking will make me fat’

Evidence is increasing that smoking can cause a greater accumulation of visceral fat, the toxic type of fatty tissue that surrounds the intestines and is a serious health threat.
The more you smoke, the more likely you are to store fat in your abdomen, rather than on the hips and thighs.
Stopping smoking along with increasing aerobic activity and strength training can help shed this type of fat and gain muscle mass.

MYTH: ‘Without cigarettes decreasing my appetite I will crave bigger portions and unhealthy snacks’

Nicotine inhibits insulin, and smoking causes less insulin to be released, so the sugar stays in the bloodstream and creates a hyperglycaemic condition – normally seen in people with diabetes – which gives the smoker a ‘fuller’ feeling.

This can be actually dangerous and is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.
Nicotine is not a magic calorie burner by any means, exercise, on the other hand, can burn off 200-600 calories an hour as well as supressing the appetite.

MYTH: ‘Cigarettes calm my nerves – I’ll be a nervous wreck if I quit’

Most clients I meet often blame their habit on stress or say that they smoke more when they are stressed but actually nicotine makes you more stressed.
In fact, when you are stressed your breathing increases as does your heart rate (and possibly your blood pressure). So add the two together and “boom” more stress.
Quitting smoking could help people combat stress, or at minimum decrease it.

MYTH: ‘I’ll feel ill if I stop smoking’
Giving up smoking can actually boost immunity. Smoking depresses the body’s immune response so there is less protection from bacterial, viral and fungal infections.
A smoker’s body is more toxic too, so the liver is more stressed – making it a target for disease.
Quitting smoking will make it easier to fight off colds and flu as well.
It will also encourage efficient functioning of the lymphatic system by stimulating the muscles – this will promote the removal of toxins from the body.

MYTH: ‘Without cigarettes I’ll have no energy

Ditching cigarettes should increase energy levels. Within two to twelve weeks of stopping smoking, circulation should improve and this will make all physical activity, including walking, climbing stairs and running, much easier.
Some smokers often avoid exercise as they can become breathless and get cramps. This is because carbon monoxide hinders the amount of oxygen that reaches the heart.But most people report they get more enjoyment from physical activity after they quit smoking.

MYTH: ‘I won’t know what to do with my hands if I quit – I’ll fidget and eat more instead’

This needn’t be the case; it is just replacing habit for habit. This will be handled in your hypnosis session.

Your hypnotherapist is here to help you for any success to occur its vital that you voice any concerns that you have about stopping smoking prior to the session commencing

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what if I can't be hypnotised

What if I can’t be hypnotised?

Author: Ann-Marie Johansen, Owner of The Gold Coast Stop Smoking Clinic & The Brisbane Stop Smoking Clinic

I get asked this a lot and the short answer is everyone can be hypnotised.
Yes, true and I’ll go on to explain this.

Perhaps this is what you have heard or heard other people say!
You may know of someone that saw a stage hypnosis show and saw people up on stage be sent back down to their chair. You may think that hypnosis is mind control and you don’t like being controlled or you may just have heard of people that saw a hypnotherapist and they did not get the result they were looking at.

Firstly, hypnosis is a therapy and the state we put you in prior to the therapy is a subconscious state!

A subconscious state is a natural state.

Everyone experiences subconscious states daily.
Here’s some examples:
When you breathe, you are doing that subconsciously.
Ever driven home, got their safely, but can’t quite remember the journey?
Ever read part of a book, magazine or a report and know you spent the time looking at it, but can’t remember it so you have to go back and re-read it?
Zoned out, day dreamt, did something on auto pilot?
If you have done any of these things then you have been in a subconscious state.

This state normally happens when your a) either tired or b) got a lot on your mind (or both)

This is the state that we, hypnotherapists, get you in prior to the’s a natural state and one that you get yourself in normally, and daily.

What you may have seen at a stage show is absolutely real.
The purpose of any stage show is pure entertainment. Stage Hypnotists are very good at spotting what we call highly suggestive people, and quickly weed out the less suggestive people or the people that just don’t really want to be there.

Now this does not mean that the people that were sent back to their chairs can’t be hypnotised. It just means that the show does not allow the time to hypnotise these people, and or they are not going to be suggestible enough for the hypnotist to get them to do what he or she wants them to do. These people would still be absolutely suitable for a hypnotherapy session.

In a therapy setting we have the luxury of time, we are also not here to entertain anyone, so whether your arm lifts up to the ceiling by themselves or not, it just doesn’t matter in a clinic setting.