“Have been smoke free now for three weeks….can’t believe how good it worked…You are one amazing lady in our eyes…thankyou so much form me and John…47 years of SMOKING GONE…bless you Ann-Marie” Helen W, Brisbane May 2019

“I went here in April 2016 and have not had a smoke since” Cheryl F, Gold Coast April 2019

“Hey Ann-Marie can’t believe how well hypnotherapy works I went from two 50 gram pouches of tobacco a week to nothing!! As long as you have a little ounce of will power its as easy as quitting smoking gets” Chris O, Brisbane March 2019

“I’ve been smoke free for a week now! Ann-marie is so lovely and will talk you through the process and any concerns you have! was 100% happy and confident I could quit for good when I walked out! thank you for changing my life”. Amy R, Brisbane March 2019

“Just letting you know that Im doing well, no smokes at all, the thought is still there but goes quick but Im doing really well”  Jeremy H, Brisbane March 2019

“15 days smoke free. Thank you so much, going great so far” Kerri T, Hervey Bay March 2019

“Hey, going great, haven’t had a smoke since before I saw you 3 weeks ago” Chris S, Hervey Bay March 2019

” Just wanted to let you know that in 4 days I’ll be 5 months smoke free and am so happy and can’t even handle the smell anymore, so thank you so much Ann-Marie, you have definitely changed my life” Rebecca S, Gold Coast Jan 2019

” Got through holidays no worries, Ann-Marie. Penny of drinking, golf, fishing and other smokers around. Thanks Again” Hugh L, North QLD  Jan 2019

” HI Ann-Marie, just wanted to let you know Im going great, haven’t had a smoke since my session on 2/11/18″ Dean F, Gold Coast Dec 2018

“Just letting you know that I am STILL A NON-SMOKER!!!!!! I can’t believe how well I have adapted to not smoking. I don’t bother about rushing for my coffee in the morning and sitting outside having it. Instead I go down for breakfast just before I leave. I am also drinking a lot less wine too.  I certainly do have the occasional craving but they last about 10 seconds.  I can’t wait to get fit and get all the gunk out of my lungs, Thanks soooooo much” Janine S, Gold Coast October 2018

“Hi there, Mel here, everything is going great and Im still not smoking…thanks heaps” Mel M, Brisbane October 2018

” Hi Ann-Marie, just giving an update.  All good with not smoking, even after a boozy weekend I have no interest in having a puff.  Thank you” Brett B, Gold Coast September 2018

“Hi, I am smoke free since I saw you for the follow-up appointment, thank you so much” Leonie C, Gold Coast June 2018

” Just touching base to let you know that Im still going strong and not smoking. I have found it a little difficult to break routine habits however I am not climbing walls with anxiety or mood swings. Thank-you for your assistance and help with allowing this to happen” Vicki S, Gold Coast June 2018

“Im just wanting to let you know that everything is awesome. I haven’t smoked or even thought about smokes since our session and will always be greatly indebted to you for helping me to stop smoking. Thank you so very much from one grateful, relieved, satisfied and extremely happy client” Richard H, Brisbane June 2018

Hi Ann-Marie I have been meaning to message you and as you can imagine life is busy. I started smoking around 35 years ago when it was cool and have now been smoke free since 19th May 2016, on that day I saw you in Brisbane being as sceptical as everyone is, thinking yeah yeah this isn’t going to work on me. Little did I know after our chat that I was extremely suggestible and it worked so well I haven’t touched a cigarette since and can’t stand the smell. I would highly recommend this service for anybody wanting to quit. Thanks so much!!!!!” Cheryl H, Brisbane June 2018

“Best $290 I had ever spent. My last smoke was 14 months ago and I feel great, and so does my bank balance” Bev O, Brisbane April 2018

“Hey Ann-Marie, just thought that I would let you know that since I saw you in November last year I am still smoke free, so thank you very much” Adam A, Gold Coast, March 2018

“We want to thank you, again, for seeing us in mid December. I am happy to report that we are sill both non-smokers 🙂 and so happy. Can’t wait to see what this year brings in health and happiness. Thanks again” Lisa & Gregg, NSW, Jan 2018

I have not had a smoke since 26/6/17 and my wife also hasn’t whinged since then. I know what my New Years wish is! That you help to make everyone that wants to stop smoking, stop smoking. Dale R, Brisbane, Jan 1 2018

“2 weeks in & all good. rarerly think about it and when I do it’s gone in no time, thank you” Hugh L, Central Queensland, Dec 2017

“Just to let you know, I am still not smoking, now 3.5 months. THANKS” Helen C, Gold Coast, Dec 2017

“Good Morning Ann-Marie. My sister and I came to see you in early November and I just wanted to let you know that we have both been very successful in quitting. I have recently had my teeth done and I’m feeling fantastic. Thank-you very much for your program and your genuine nature. You are a lovely lady and I appreciate your help. I know that I could not have succeeded on my own, and you deserve the credit. THANK YOU” Jodi B, Gold Coast, Nov 2017

“Not smoking is going well 🙂 I don’t want one and other people smoking doesn’t bother me. Thank you” Margaret C, Brisbane, November 2017

“I smoked for 30yrs and I’ve had one session with Anne-Marie it will be 7weeks this coming Saturday and i feel like i have never smoked i have no interest in it all i was a sceptic about this but it really works. THANKYOU Ann-Marie you have turned my life around” Brett W, Brisbane, September 2017

“I successfully quit smoking after one session with Ann-Marie. For the last 13 years I smoked a packet a day, I have now gone over two weeks without a cigarette. After the session I still thought about smoking, but it was much easier to push these thoughts to the back of my mind. I found myself thinking about smoking less and less, and now I don’t think about them at all. Hypnotherapy wasn’t a magic wand; quitting still required some will power but it certainly gave me the boost I needed to be successful this time. I’m now a happy (and somewhat richer) non-smoker. I definitely recommend Ann-Marie’s approach, it is very gentle and it certainly works.”  Shelley, F, Gold Coast, September, 2017

“Hi Ann-Marie, you treated me nearly 12 months ago, 27th Oct 2016 and I haven’t had a cigarette since that day. I’ve been meaning to contact you for ages to sincerely thank you. I’ve told a lot of people how and where i did it, of course not all take action straight away, but that’s ok, when they are ready they will. You may remember L and T, T being a good friend of mine and J my wife’s work mate just recently saw you and I believe she is still doing well. I’m totally over the moon about the success of this and my wife and I still can’t believe that I’ve stopped. I look at smokers now and feel sorry for them as they have to go to further extremes to smoke now. Also I can hear them coming with the cough and going past with the smell. Again from the bottom of my heart thank you Ann-Marie. Brett D, Brisbane, September 2017

“Best assistance in giving up the smokes. This clinic helped my partner and I. Great Hypnotherapist, highly recommend”  Shelley S, Brisbane, July, 2017

“I started smoking at 13 behind the ballet hall, thinking that we were all too cool. 

After a number of failed attempts to stop smoking over the years, finally at age 47 I thought I would give it another go.  Not only was it costing me a small fortune at $35 per day that is over $200 per week and more than $10,000 per annum.  It is no longer socially acceptable in Australia and more and more I was the only smoker and outcast. 

I wanted to start to get fit and healthy in 2017 and knew that I didn’t have the will power to go cold turkey or to use the patches and other pharmaceutical products.

After a google search I researched Hypnosis and whether or not it was successful or not. 

The session took approximately 1.5 hours and felt like 5 minutes.  I was sceptical and in two minds about it and left there thinking that I may have just blown my money as I didn’t feel any different… was I supposed to?

The next 3 days weren’t easy, but they certainly weren’t as difficult as they had been before.  Day 3 was my hardest and my mind struggled with it as I fought the demons in my head (there was still no physical withdrawal symptoms though).  By day 4 it was getting easier and now I am 6 months down the track I rarely think about them.  Of coarse they come into my mind from time to time and it’s funny because I still find it hard to believe that I have actually quit and can’t stand the smell of it if I am in a public place, I can assure you that I never would have thought that would be the case for me. The great news is, I am off to Italy for a holiday in August with the money I’ve saved.   

Don’t hesitate, pick up the phone and just do it, it actually works with Ann-Marie” Amanda B, Brisbane, June, 2017

“1 year today I am celebrating being a non-smoker. I walked in a heavy smoker and walked out a non-smoker. It is the best thing I have could have done and wish I could have done so years ago. Painless and so effective, just go for it. Thanks again”  Susan C, Gold Coast, March, 2017

“Absolutely recommend. This method is the only way that’s helped me stop smoking” Tracey G, Gold Coast, 2017

“Hi Ann-Marie, I ‘ve been a smoker since the age of 13 back in the 1970s with personal stresses and diagnosed depression over more recent years. My scepticism of using hypnosis to quit smoking was high to say the least. Numerous other attempts had failed IE: patches, gum and cold turkey all lasted only a very short time. Since meeting you and utilising your services I am now cigarette free for nearly 2 months. There are the occasional cravings but they quickly pass. Though awake / alert through our sessions the message must have gotten through. The thought of having a cigarette and furthermore buying a packet now seems like it would be a really stupid act. I am now 55 years old and a Non – smoker.
Thanks again” 
Bruce, Brisbane, 2017

” 10 weeks tomorrow ciggi free 🙂 ” Joyce, Gold Coast 2016

“I’m up to 2 months without a smoke!! Thank you so much Ann-Marie!! You are amazing. We smashed it!! So grateful..have already saved over $1,500” Sally, Brisbane, 2016

“If you are considering hypnotherapy to stop smoking, you must see Ann-Marie. After smoking for more than 30 years I walked out a non-smoker and haven’t looked back. Ann-Marie really cares about people and it showed throughout my session

Thankyou Ann-Marie, you have changed my families life” Veronica, Brisbane, 2016

“I am writing to thankyou for your session which helped me stop smoking. I was smoking 50 per day and I have tried many different ways of stopping in the past, this is the easiest and most effective by far.

I have never considered having a cigarette since your session with me. Also I feel cleaner, my breathing is much better and I feel better in general.

Once again thanks for helping me” Ross, Gold Coast, 2016

“I’m not sure how it worked Ann-Marie but it did…..6 months smoke free, and I don’t even think about them” Jen, the non smoker Gold Coast, 2016